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Job advertisements

Under this menu item you will find an overview of all job advertisements of your company. Click on “+ job advertisement” to create a new job advertisement Clicking on a data record in the table opens the overview of the respective job advertisement.

Job advertisements

The job advertisements can be edited via the view page. Via the actions, it is possible to carry out various actions at this point. These actions are described in more detail below.

Detailed view of a job advertisement

I.Applicant neustrong,
To create a new applicant, please click on “+ Applicant new”. A window for creating an applicant opens.

II.Assign applicantstrong,
To assign one of the existing applicants in the portal to this job, click on “Assign applicant”. A window opens and you can see the applicants assigned to this position, and you can add an additional applicant here.

Match applicants to the job advertisement

III.Switch channel

Here, channels such as LinkedIn or StepStone, as well as the costs incurred, are recorded.

Publish job advertisement on a channel